Professional Team

A Place of Grace will work across disciplines and healing modalities with the broadest perspective to support people in their desire to heal their bodies and their lives.


The interdisciplinary team and the Board of Directors will include:


1) those in traditional fields of allopathic medicine including our medical director Catherine Bogolub, MD, who is also a masters level nutritionist and Health Coach;


2) those in the mental health fields such as licensed psychologists, social workers and grief counselors including our CEO and President, Gretchen M Stein, Ph.D. who has 31 years experience as a psychotherapist and health care program administrator and is also an energetic healer and crone;  


3) those who practice contemporary forms of alternative healing such as massage therapists, acupuncturists, Reiki Masters, yoga instructors and meditation trainers;


4) those who practice cutting edge spiritual healing practices including medical intuitives, priests, deacons, ministers, monks, shamans, and energetic healers.


Individual Profiles



Gretchen M. Stein, Ph.D.

David Wettergren, MA, EdD


Medical Director:

Catherine Bogolub, MD, MS