About Us


The Mission of A Place of Grace is to connect people to integrative healing opportunities.



Through our gentle, caring and compassionate approach to service we provide connection to a full continuum of integrated health services. A Place of Grace distinguishes itself as a strong and trusted bridge between traditionally accepted healing methods with alternative and complementary healing methods. Our approach can be best described as collaborative based on a belief that there is strength in networking and partnering with other care providers.

Our philosophy of care is built on the belief that there is a strong connection between what we hold in our minds and the physical problems that manifest in the body. Unresolved problems such as relationship concerns, fears, trauma, financial issues, life transitions and emotional distress can contribute to a lack of well being.

Our strength lies in our commitment to address the variety of challenges that people experience be it physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. Our service model allows clients time to tell their whole story to highly qualified professional staff so that a complete picture of all the stressors that may be impacting an individual's total health can be addressed.



We believe A Place of Grace is founded on the value of respect for all healing methods and we seek to tap the strength of each.

• We believe that the integration of one's spirit is a necessary, and often missing a piece in the search for healing.

• We believe the body naturally seeks a state of health.

• We believe that nature heals. We seek to do our work in beautiful and powerful natural settings.

• We believe there is no limit to healing potential. Our role is to dissuade fears and offer healing support.

• We believe in working collaboratively to build partnerships designed to help individuals find the best healing opportunities.